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What they say about us

Some of the national newspapers were pleasantly surprised by our culinary offer, so much so that they decided to dedicate an article about us.

Here below what they think of us!

porchetta madrid

The most famous Spanish guide, enchanted by our Porchetta, explains the characteristics and quality of this typical dish, considering us the best place to eat Porchetta in Madrid.

The first enogastronomic multimedia editorial group tells our story and our reality, surprised by our supply of fresh products directly from the market.

gambero rosso la saletta madrid
fatto quotidiano la saletta fiaschetteria

The Italian newspaper explains our culinary proposal and defines our restaurant as a place where street food, tradition and sociality meet.

El Pais, the most important national newspaper, tried our menu of the day and was surprised by our pasta dish.

el pais la saletta fiaschetteria ristorante
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